We are proud to announce that TissueTech, Amniox, and Bio-Tissue will now be known under a single commercial, customer-facing entity – BioTissue.

As one unified brand with one platform technology behind it,
our vision has become even clearer:
Realize the full potential of regenerative therapy.

We are BioTissue. The most human form of healing.

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Amniox is now BioTissue Surgical!

Our future journey is to bring strength to our organization, leaning on our unique pioneering heritage by bringing together BioTissue and Amniox, one company with one purpose and one vision.

Introducing the Amniox Online Waiting Room

If you’re a patient or caregiver who is looking for resources on complex wound healing, you’ve come to the right place. Amniox products are designed to help your surgeon create the healing environment for chronic and complex wounds.

NEOX family of products orchestrate the healing environment for chronic and complex wounds with the umbilical cord and amniotic membrane as its primary platforms.

CLARIX Cryopreserved Matrix delivers the powers of amniotic tissue to facilitate the healing process across a range of surgical specialties.

For Patients

Discover how our wide range of adjunct therapies can help support regenerative and functional recovery. In the Online Waiting Room, you’ll find helpful patient resources on complex wound healing for patients and caregivers.

For Healthcare Professionals

Visit our Physician Portal – your one-stop-shop clinical resource center. You will find a variety of valuable educational resources to help you become more comfortable with Amniox game-changing products so you may readily apply them in your clinical practice.

The Amniox Advantage

The Amniox comprehensive family of umbilical cord products harnesses the unique power of human birth tissue to help expedite regenerative healing across a wide range of specialties as the adjunct for acute and chronic wound applications by helping to:

  • Facilitate wound healing
  • Manage discomfort
  • Manage adhesions
  • Expedite functional recovery while reducing the cost of care1-4

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1. Marston WA et al. Wound Repair Regen. 2020; 1-6;
2. Caputo WJ et al. Wound Repair Regen. 2016; 24(5): 885-893;
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Technology Overview

Amniox Medical is supported by more than 35 years of research in characterizing and preserving the biology and functionality of human birth tissue. Our proprietary flagship CRYOTEK® process utilizes deep freezing to preserve the functional and structural integrity of the tissues while maintaining their natural hydrated state.

We are proud to announce that we are a Donate Life℠ Partner! We kicked off our partnership by celebrating Donate Life National Blue and Green Day last Friday, April 16th, in honor of those who have helped heal lives through the gift of tissue donation. We will be working with Donate Life America to raise public awareness about the importance of tissue donation to increase tissue donor registration.

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Regenerative Healing, Backed by Research

Our extensive research allows us to preserve and deliver the most functional allograft for your needs.

Restorative Tissue Technology

Why Human Birth Tissue?

Regenerative healing that enhances the body’s recover from the injury or disease, has been pursued as far back as the early 20th century.1 In the decades since, it has come to be understood that the human fetus is capable of regenerative and scarless healing, and is the model that all regenerative therapies aspire to duplicate. Our research suggests that unique complex (HC-HA/PTX3) is a key factor in the regenerative qualities found in these tissues and drives an elegant orchestration of cytokines, growth factors to arrive at an advanced healing state. 4,5 Specifically, the fetus’ superior management of the body’s inflammatory mechanisms leads to organized and efficient tissue repair. Read More

Why It Works

If processed appropriately, fetal birth tissue retains these properties and effectively applies them to unrelated hosts through allografts, or human-to-human tissue transfers. 6,7,8 Our research suggests that this transplantation of biology into mature tissue provides a means of disrupting the inflammatory and scarring type of repair inherent to adult tissue, and drives a regenerative process of restorative repair (Cref). Amniox Medical’s patented flagship CRYOTEK® process utilizes freezing to preserve the functional and structural integrity of the tissues while maintaining their natural hydrated state. Other forms of processing that require dehydration of the matrix have been shown to degrade the critical biological, and may limit the tissue’s capabilities.

The clinical success of the CRYOTEK process has been demonstrated in more than 380 peer-reviewed publications and 600,000 human transplants. By devitalizing the resident living cells CRYOTEK reduces the risk of an immune reaction and preserves the functional components of the extracellular matrix. Read More

Tissue Donation

Amniox procures all tissue through elective donation within the United States. Donor eligibility requires a live mother to have given full consent and to have delivered a live birth via elective Cesarean section. Donor suitability is determined through physical and medical screening. This process is intended to ensure that each product is safe for transplantation.