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Deliver the Clinical and Economic Power of CLARIX into your Sports Medicine Practice with CLARIX FLO Injections

CLARIX FLO umbilical cord based injectable, supports the management of clinically impactful outcomes1 without the potential complications associated with repeated steroid injections or unclear benefits of PRP. It offers immediate cushioning that helps creates a regenerative healing environment.

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Improved Soft Tissue Healing

After decades of research into the underlying regenerative mechanisms of umbilical cord and amniotic tissue by TissueTech, a critical matrix component – the HC-HA Complex – has been identified to have the greatest beneficial impact on modulating inflammation and creating a more organized regenerative healing environment.3

TissueTech’s scientific research into the underlying mechanisms of umbilical cord and amniotic tissue, has identified how components of amniotic membrane and umbilical cord, such as the HC-HA/PTX3 Complex, have the potential to manage inflammation and aid in the creation a more organized healing environment.

For more information on the unique biology of amniotic tissue and the science behind our products, please visit our Technology section.

Umbilical Cord Particulate

Product Information

As the ONLY umbilical cord-based particulate on the market, CLARIX FLO delivers more of the quality of the innate tissue to your patients in a convenient shelf-stable injectable. CLARIX FLO is available in three sizes – 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

Dosing Instructions

Potential Applications

As a lyophilized umbilical cord particulate, CLARIX FLO may be hydrated with saline and injected or applied directly to the injury site. There is a wide range of potential applications which all seek to utilize the benefits of placental tissue by creating a healing environment, manage inflammation and discomfort, restore tissue healing, and facilitate functional recovery.

As an adjunct treatment, CLARIX FLO has been used in successful procedures dealing with a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions of the soft tissues and joints including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendinosis
  • Joint Tendinitis
  • Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
  • Ligament Damage
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Discogenic Pain

Tendinitis & Fasciitis

Discomfort Associated with Conditions of the Soft Tissues

CLARIX FLO is an in-office injectable and published literature suggests that has been applied to conditions like tendinitis, fasciitis, and epicondylitis. It achieves symptom relief for patients by managing the pain and inflammation associated with these conditions while facilitating regenerative healing of the underlying damaged tissue. Unlike other injectable options, like steroids and PRP, CLARIX FLO is safe and effective.

As the only umbilical cord particulate, CLARIX FLO delivers more of the original innate tissue than other placental tissue.

For more information, please review our Publications and Case Studies section.

Visual Representation of Tendinitis

Tendon & Ligament Repair

Post-Injury Tears and Damage to the Soft Tissues

CLARIX FLO has been used to help support the reparative healing of tendon and ligament tears. As an in-office injection, it has been used to help improve symptoms and functions of minor tears of soft tissues like the rotator cuff, and thereby avoid the burden and complications of surgery. After arthroscopic repair of more serious injuries, CLARIX FLO helps facilitate healing, manage discomfort and get the patient to commence the rehabilitation process.

For more information, please review our Publications and Case Studies section.

Discomfort Associated with Degenerative and Structural Damage of the Joints

Patients often complain about painful joints that are a result of degenerative and structural changes from years of overuse and injury. Traditional treatments include conservative measures, surgery, or injectables that have a mixed history of success.

Published literature supports the fact that CLARIX FLO has been used safely in the joints – both large and small.

For more information, please review our Publications and Case Studies section.

Visual Representation of Joint Pain


Based upon published literature, CLARIX FLO is being used in the area of spine pain management. Research indicates that the product may help manage spine pain pathologies that are often difficult to treat such as broad discogenic pain, facet joint pain, and SI joint pain.

For more information, please review our Publications and Case Studies section.

Clarix Flo product

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