Our Story

Amniox Medical, Inc. is supported by more than 35 years of research in characterizing and preserving the biology and functionality of human Umbilical Cord (UC) and Amniotic Membrane (AM). UC and AM carry similar unique properties. Our extensive research allows us to preserve and deliver the most functional allograft, transplanting the benefits to adult wound environments. For more details, read about Restorative Tissue Technology.

Our tissues are electively donated following medical screening and healthy child birth. Following collection, Amniox Medical uses its proprietary CRYOTEK® Cryopreservation Process to protect the fragile matrix biology and preserve the biological and structural properties of UC and AM. Click to learn more about our procurement process and CRYOTEK® Technology.

With numerous peer-reviewed publications, cryopreserved Umbilical Cord and Amniotic Membrane have demonstrated the promotion of rapid regenerative healing while helping to manage discomfort and adhesions.

Amniox Medical and Bio-Tissue Inc. are subsidiaries of TissueTech, Inc., the developer of the innovative CRYOTEK technology. Bio-Tissue is a global leader in ophthalmology. For more information, visit the website – BioTissue.com. Bio-Tissue and Amniox Medical products have been implanted in humans in more than 600,000 cases with an excellent safety record.

Changing Wound Care

Amniox Medical has been recognized on MD Tech Review’s annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Wound Care solutions and impacting the industry.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
Our vision is to empower healthcare professionals to deliver optimal patient healing outcomes, setting the standards that define regenerative medicine.

Our Mission
Solving unmet clinical needs as the PATIENT-FOCUSED PIONEER of birth-tissue regenerative medicine; fostering TRUST as the EVIDENCE-BASED MARKET LEADER in ocular, surgical wound, and pain management markets; and providing DIFFERENTIATED, customer-recognizable, and sustainable HEALTH ECONOMIC VALUE.


  • Conduct all interactions with the utmost level of integrity and ethics;
  • Deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective therapies for the benefit of patients;
  • Foster innovation through proven science and strong clinical evidence;
  • Provide a high performance culture where people are accountable, respectful, and enjoy what they do