Packaging & Storage

From decades of research, our proprietary CRYOTEK® preservation process has been designed to maintain the native tissue than dehydration without the live cellular components to optimize safety and delivery. The result is an amniotic allograft that delivers:

  • Convenient storage – Our cryopreserved matrices can be safely stored in a standard refrigerator for up to 2 years.
  • Preparation efficiency – With no thawing requirements or complicated preparation procedures, our Amniox products are ready when you are.
  • Operational Flexibility – The matrix remains stable even when left at room temperature for up to 6 hours and returned to storage – minimizing wastage.
  • Superior Handling – With an unmatched thickness 10x thicker than amniotic membrane alone, our umbilical cord-based products simplifies handling and surgical placement over thinner alternatives.

This process yields a matrix that simplifies usage and storage without compromising its structural or functional integrity.



For complete information on our packaging inserts, please click the links below:

NEOX CORD 1K Product Insert Card – DOWNLOAD
NEOX CORD RT Product Insert Card – DOWNLOAD
NEOX 100 Product Insert Card – DOWNLOAD

CLARIX CORD 1K Product Insert Card – DOWNLOAD
CLARIX 100 Product Insert Card – DOWNLOAD

Product Handling – NanoCool®

  • 72-hour life in NanoCool shipment container
  • 96-hour NanoCools are used for Friday shipments
  • Remove product from box and place in fridge or freezer until use
  • Unopen product can be out of the freezer for up to 6 hours
  • FLO and SteriTek products must be stored at room temperature
  • NanoCool is a registered trademark of NanoPore Inc.
NanoCool shipment container